Frequently Asked Questions

What is Chiropractic care and what does it do?

Chiropractic care involves a comprehensive understanding and treatment of the nervous and musculoskeletal system with an emphasis on the body’s incredible ability to heal itself. The spine plays a vital role in the body’s overall health. When the spine is misaligned, the vertebrae shift causing discomfort, pain, irritation, and disruption of your body’s natural ability to communicate with other body systems. Chiropractic care not only relieves neck, back, and joint pain, but it can improve mobility, flexibility, balance, digestive problems, headaches, and much more. Chiropractors are specialists with years of post-graduate study; using specific techniques of movement and pressure to provide relief of symptoms and improve your quality of life.

I can pop/crack my own neck/back…how do your adjustments differ?

A “popping” or “cracking” sound is called cavitation, which is simply gas escaping your joint capsule. When you attempt to “pop” or “crack” your own neck or back (or other joints), you are often exerting excess and imprecise force, which puts additional strain and stress on your joints. The “popping” typically occurs in joints that already have too much movement and the actual problem is above or below and not moving as they should. Chiropractors are highly trained doctors who specialize in the nervous and musculoskeletal systems and have years of experience and extensive study in how to detect problems and adjust accurately and effectively. Specific adjustment and manipulation, when performed by a licensed Chiropractor, is the safest, most efficient way to promote healthy movement patterns in the body.

Is Chiropractic safe for babies and children?

Absolutely! In fact, it is incredibly effective and helpful in relieving a long list of ailments. Chiropractic care for infants differs from adult chiropractic care in that the amount of pressure used to adjust an infant is the same amount of pressure you would apply when testing for ripeness on an avocado or peach. No abrupt movement, “cracking”, or “popping” involved. The popular saying is that “Watching a highly skilled chiropractor adjust a baby should look like they are hardly doing anything at all!”

The very gentle pressure applied realigns the baby’s spine and cranial bones, reestablishing communication within their tiny nervous systems. Proper care to restore and maintain this brain/body connection alleviates many problems such as but not limited to colic, acid reflux, sleep disturbances, neck tension, breast feeding issues, congestion, and the list goes on.

Dr. Sarah Drake is ICPA certified which means she has earned a prestigious 200-hour certification in chiropractic care for pregnancy and infants. Dr. Sarah is the only chiropractor in the area with this advanced chiropractic training for pregnancy and pediatrics.

Can I get adjusted while pregnant?

Yes! Chiropractic care is safe and effective during any stage of pregnancy. As your body changes while baby grows, chiropractic care may help relieve headaches, neck or back pain and maintain a healthier pregnancy. Dr. Sarah is Webster Certified which means she has additional training for the specific care of pregnant women. The Webster technique is a specific analysis and adjustment which helps reduce interference to the nervous system and balance the pelvic muscles and ligaments.

What is dry needling?

Dry needling is a treatment for muscular pain using acupuncture- like, thin needles to release tension and trigger points within the dense myofascial tissue. Trigger points in the muscle can affect how the muscle functions, causing muscle mechanics or patterns that are abnormal. The dry needle (“dry” meaning not injecting any fluid into the body), “breaks up” this tension in the muscle thereby improving movement and relieving pain.

Are X-rays required?

X-rays are NOT required for patients seeking treatment at our office. Many components dictate whether imaging is appropriate; this includes history of injury and/or trauma, current symptoms, and severity of pain. We do not have an x-ray machine at our office, but we frequently work with and send referrals to many imaging centers in the metro area. If it is decided that an X-ray or other imaging is warranted at any time, we will gladly refer to you an imaging center.

Do I need to see a chiropractor if I am not in pain?

Yes! All people can benefit from chiropractic care for overall wellness. Just like visiting a dentist for routine checkups and teeth cleanings to prevent or intervene with problems, chiropractic care acts in much the same way. Assessing the health of your spine and musculoskeletal system on a regular basis allows you the ability to both maintain your health and detect potential problems that can be resolved easier and quicker when caught early. We encourage patients to take initiative of their health journey and utilize chiropractic care in a way that best serves them. We are always here for you to support you in the journey!

Can I use my health insurance for Chiropractic Care? What does it cost?

We strive to provide the highest quality healthcare while maintaining affordability. Even with insurance coverage, some patients experience at least some out of pocket expense. To help ease this burden, we offer a reasonable self-pay option in the event insurance cannot be used. If your insurance provider is one we are in network with, we will gladly bill your insurance to see if services are covered for you, but ultimately payment for services rendered is the patient’s responsibility. We are in network with the following health insurance companies: Medicare, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas (and BCBS PPO plans), United HealthCare, and UMR. If we are out of network with your insurance provider we are happy to provide a superbill that you can submit to your insurance for reimbursement. Feel free to call or text our office at 913-708-0867 to go over the specifics of your insurance policy or our self-pay option. We are here to support and assist you with affording care!